Friday, March 27

Apple game roundup: Pillars of Eternity, Mr. Jump explodes, Broken Age

We've had some emails about our Sunday game roundup -- it turns out that some of you want Apple-specific gaming news, as sources for that seem to be in short supply these days. Today launches the first installation of a twice-weekly column, published on MacNN on Tuesdays and Fridays rounding up important goings-on in the Mac and iOS gaming world. Today, we're looking at an interview with the developers of This War of...


Living with: Nine years of the Apple TV

Once upon a time, there was a nascent technologist in the early part of the century. This writer was flummoxed by having to burn DVD for video playback for his occupation at the time, given the cost of the media. Then, a certain Cupertino fruit-branded computer company released the Mac mini's first iteration. Connected with a $20 video dongle, and an audio adapter, the (at the time) cutting-edge concept of a computer...


Fortune names Apple CEO Tim Cook 'World's Greatest Leader'

On Thursday, Fortune magazine named Apple CEO Tim Cook to the top spot of its "World's 50 Greatest Leaders," which largely refers to business and industry leaders rather than government officials. The honor came with a new interview with Cook as well as some of those who work with him, and addresses many of Cook's and the company's successes (and a few missteps) in the lengthy profile....


Wednesday, March 25

Google bringing Fiber to Salt Lake City, Oregon law change backfires

Google has revealed Salt Lake City, Utah will be joining the roster of seven other cities as Google Fiber locations. The announcement of the eighth Google Fiber location comes alongside news that Google is unlikely to bring its high-speed fiber Internet service to Portland, Oregon anytime soon, as a bill designed to draw the service to the city has seemingly backfired. ...


Tuesday, March 24

Legal barrage launched over FCC Open Internet regulation in DC courts

The battle in the US court system to scuttle the new Open Internet regulation as approved by the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has begun. Filed yesterday in Washington DC, trade group US Telecom has petitioned the courts on behalf of AT&T, Verizon, and a few others to block the Title II and net neutrality imposition, calling it "arbitrary, capricious, and an abuse of discretion."...


Review: Becoming Steve Jobs

Becoming Steve Jobs is an engrossing account of the Apple CEO's life, and very specifically on his journey to becoming a businessman with art and style. It's not as well written as Leander Kahney's Jony Ive book but it's significantly better than Walter Isaacson's Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography....


Monday, March 23

First Look: Apple 13-inch MacBook Pro (with Force Touch trackpad)

The new 13-inch Apple MacBook Pro with Retina display looks exactly like the model that it replaces, though it remains comfortably the most beautifully designed and finished full-power 13-inch notebook on the market. Beneath the hood, however, it has been substantially reengineered with Intel's new 5th-generation Core i5 or i7 dual-core processors, also known by their "Broadwell" codename as well as flash storage tha...


Sunday, March 22

The MacNN Podcast, episode seven: Apple TV rumors, Windows 10, more

The MacNN Podcast episode seven is now available, and this week we looked at the rumor that Apple is preparing to revamp the Apple TV and sweeten the pot with an optional package of channel offerings that don't require a cable subscription; Google's entry into the MVNO space; the recent Microsoft announcements about Windows 10; Facebook getting into inter-site payments; the return of Launcher to the App Store, and th...


Saturday, March 21

ABC airs segment on secret Apple Watch testing facility

In an unusual move for the normally-secretive company, Apple has allowed ABC News crews access to a previously top-secret heath and fitness lab that was designed to test and improve the Apple Watch. A report on the facility, which aired on Nightline on Friday, showed the nondescript building where the company created its full gym and testing facility, centered around activity....


Thursday, March 19

PlayStation Vue Internet TV launches in NYC, Chicago, Philadelphia

Sony has launched its PlayStation-based Internet television service, just as the company hinted last week. PlayStation Vue has gone live in Chicago, New York City, and Philadelphia, with subscribers able to watch live channels and on-demand shows from their PlayStation game consoles, without requiring an accompanying cable or satellite subscription. ...


Hands On: Buzz Aldrin's Space Program Manager 1.4.16 (iPad, PC, Mac)

Buzz Aldrin's Space Program Manager by Slitherine depicts the Cold War space race from the perspective of those on one of the front lines. While populated with soldiers and military, this time, we're talking about NASA and the Soviet Space Agency. This game isn't about artillery barrages or submarines lurking about, but one of managing departments, selecting and training personnel, and balancing budgets. ...


Monday, March 16

MacNN Podcast, episode six: New MacBook, ResearchKit, Title II, more

The MacNN Podcast episode six is now available (later than normal -- sorry about that), and this week we looked at the new MacBook and weigh up its pros and cons; talk about Apple Watch pricing and some new details that have come out since last Monday; delve into ResearchKit, which is already making big waves in the medical community; discuss Samsung's Galaxy S6 and the line's fading status as an "iPhone killer" (tho...


Thursday, March 12

Title II, net neutrality 'Open Internet' FCC order published in full

The US Federal Communications Commission has published its new Open Internet order, also known as net neutrality and Title II order, in full. The document spells out specifically which aspects of the 80-year-old Title II concept will be applied to Internet Service Providers, as well as specifics of the net neutrality order....


Wednesday, March 11

Editorial: Apple has nothing to fear from Samsung Galaxy S6

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is about to hit retail stores in April, but Apple has nothing to fear from it. Samsung is on a similar trajectory to HTC, despite its much more substantial advertising budget and resources. While there will likely always be a market for premium high-end Android smartphones, there are at least two significant factors that will see this segment struggle to reproduce the types of profits that it h...


Editorial: Apple still for 'the rest of us,' but who's 'us' now?

Another Apple announcement has come and gone, and while we did get the Apple Watch details we were expecting, we got a bit more. Apple has resurrected the MacBook -- and this time, not clad in plastic. The attractive machine, and by association, Apple itself, is garnering a fair amount of Internet hate, regardless of new technologies, because on some levels it doesn't appeal to -- nor is it aimed at -- power-users. ...


Olympus adds night photography modes to Stylus SH-2 compact camera

Olympus has launched an update to the Stylus SH-1 it revealed last year, with relatively few changes. The Stylus SH-2 compact camera has the same classic retro stylings as its predecessor, as well as a similar 16-megapixel sensor combined with the TruePic VII image processor and a 24x optical zoom providing a 35mm equivalent of 25mm to 600mm, but this time Olympus has added more functions related to night photography...


Monday, March 09

Apple Watch arrives at press event; has 18-hour 'typical use' battery

On Monday, Apple CEO Tim Cook and other executives spent the majority of their time during the press event held today talking about the forthcoming Apple Watch. The company finally iterated pricing for the device, one of the biggest mysteries concerning the debut, by saying the Sport version would start at $349 ($399 for the men's model), while the regular model would begin at $549 to $1,040 ($50 more for the 42mm me...


Apple surprises with new MacBook

Apple on Monday surprised observers with the unveiling of a new MacBook, featuring a 12-inch Retina display, a motherboard that is 67 percent smaller than even the MacBook Air, a new fanless design that is even thinner than the Air, but retains the all-day battery life. The new MacBook comes in at two pounds even, and also features an all-new keyboard and trackpad, with a a new single USB-C port for most connections....


Sunday, March 08

MacNN Podcast episode five: MS Office for Mac, the Apple Watch, more

The MacNN Podcast is now up to episode five, and this week we looked at the new Microsoft Office 2016 preview; the disturbing trend of legitimate app makers inserting adware (or worse) into their apps to make a few extra bucks; the news from last week's Mobile World Congress, including the new Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge; our favorite reviewed apps of the week, and more news about Monday's public debut of the Apple...


Friday, March 06

Apple Watch picks up standalone functionality

Apple has quietly added standalone functionality to the list of Apple Watch features ahead of its impending launch. According to the dedicated Apple Watch section on the Apple website providing an overview of its capabilities, Apple Watch users will now be able to leave their iPhone behind when going for a run and will be able to use the Apple Watch itself for music playback. While the feature is not uncommon in some...


Hands On: Microsoft Office 2016 Preview (OS X)

We're not going to judge Microsoft Office for Mac 2016 in the detail or the depth that we will when it finally ships as a finished product. However, Microsoft has made it available in preview beta form, and it is irresistible. It's also very good, and if you have even a modicum of interest in Microsoft Office, you should try it now - though there are one or two caveats you'll want to keep in mind....


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