Thursday, February 26

Apple media event scheduled for March 9, likely to discuss Apple Watch

Apple has today invited the media to an event on March 9. The "Spring Forward" event is taking place at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, and is likely discussing firm release dates, and details of the final shipping version of the Apple Watch. The title of the event makes reference to time, suggesting the upcoming change in most first-world nations that sees clocks moved forward an hour -- in eff...


FCC approves net neutrality, Title II proposal in 3-2 vote

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has approved the net neutrality rules, including Title II regulation of Internet Service Providers as proposed by FCC Chair Tom Wheeler, with minor modifications. The vote wasn't unanimous, nor was it expected to be, and predictably split across party lines. The two Democratic members and the Chair voted to approve the contentious policy, and the two Republican members ...


Wednesday, February 25

Pointers: introducing Siri to your family

This week's Pointers tip is short and sweet, and one of those head-slapping "of course!" moments. It's a far simpler way of adding your family into Siri so that she (or he) will understand who you mean when you say "send a text to my wife" or "read me the last email from my father." You can do this manually in Contacts (or the previous version, known as Address Book), but its a bit labor-intensive that way. Using thi...


Apple Watch stars in 12-page Vogue spread; Cook spills details

While the Apple Watch will make its first US cover debut in the March issue of lifestyle and health magazine Self, the US edition of fashion magazine Vogue features a 12-page ad for the Apple Watch in the current March issue -- and a video version of the ad for the iPad edition. The new ads continue Apple's theme of positioning the Apple Watch -- or at least some versions of the forthcoming product -- to the fashion ...


Tuesday, February 24

Pebble Time launches on Kickstarter with color screen, microphone

Pebble has unveiled its second generation of smartwatch, the Pebble Time, as a wearable device featuring an upgraded color e-paper display. Repeating what the company did for the original Pebble smartwatch, the Pebble Time is being made available through Kickstarter, with the crowdfunding campaign exceeding its goal barely after it launched. ...


Sunday, February 22

MacNN Podcast: MacBook Pro REA, Net Neutrality, Apple customer service

The MacNN Podcast hits its third broadcast and like the previous pair, touches on the hot button issues in the tech world! Join this week's hosts, MacNN Editor Charles Martin, alongside staff writer Michelle Elbert, reviewer William Gallagher, Managing Editor Mike Wuerthele, and contributor Sanjiv Sathiah as they discuss the events that got our attention, needed further discussion, or just plain tickled our fancy....


Editorial: iCar or Apple moonshot?

There are a lot of rumors floating around that Apple is working on a car. While on one hand it may seem far-fetched, it is not beyond the realm of possibility. Apple works on lots of projects, many of which never see the light of day. There are a litany of Apple patents that have emerged over the years - of products or ideas that have not materialized as shipping products - that testify to this....


Saturday, February 21

Back to the Mac: unboxing and setting up the Mac mini

Two weeks ago, staff writer and long-time Windows user Malcolm Owen returned to Mac following a five-year absence. Back to the Mac is a series of posts where he charts his progress in introducing Apple to his working environment once again. In this second installment, Malcolm goes through the unboxing ritual, and sets up the machine for daily use.The happiest moment of any geeky person's life is when they get to unbo...


Friday, February 20

Briefly: Apple's ARC mandate, Maps Connect and printer updates

On Friday, Apple began notifying developers of a mandatory change in how apps manage memory when in use, instituting a newer form of "retain and release" where old code in RAM is periodically flushed out, in Apple's preferred Automatic Reference Counting (ARC) feature. As of May 1, all new and updated apps submitted to the Mac App Store must make use of ARC....


Apple closes week with new record high, market cap totals

In what has now started to become a routine occurrence, AAPL on Friday ended the week with a new all-time record high for its stock, as well as its market capitalization. The stock closed on Friday at a price of $129.49 per share, though it is down a nickel in after-hours trading at the time of this article. The market cap for the company now stands at $754.28 billion after the stock rose 0.81 percent on the day, com...


Thursday, February 19

Apple is world's most admired company for eighth year running

For the eighth year running, Apple has again captured the title of "World's Most Admired Company," according to the annual survey from Fortune. The magazine had previously also honored Apple by naming it the world's most valuable brand; competitor Barron's had recently named it the world's most respected company. The award reflects the voting of some 4,104 executives, directors, and securities analysts....


Briefly: Apple moves Canadian HQ, removes Cuba from restricted list

Apple Canada has opted to downsize, despite record sales in the country. The company is said to be selling its former headquarters in the Ontario suburb of Markham for a smaller set of offices on Bremner Boulevard, near the Air Canada Centre. The move brings the administrative offices for Canada's Apple subsidiary close the company's Toronto store at Eaton Centre, now just blocks away and due to be renovated into a f...


Wednesday, February 18

Apple sued after allegedly poaching battery scientists, engineers

According to a new lawsuit filed against Apple, the iPhone maker has been poaching employees from a vehicle-oriented "advanced energy" technology company called A123 Systems over the past eight months for a new, unannounced battery division at the iPhone maker. The latter company says that Apple and its former employees may have violated anti-compete agreements, and have left A123 without qualified leaders for key pr...


Hands On: Fantastical calendar app (OS X, iOS)

Fantastical is a calendar app, and there are separate versions for iPhone, iPad and OS X. If you read this late one horrible night, if you read it when your head is spinning from all your commitments and meetings and appointments, buy Fantastical -- even if it is not on sale. Yes, for all three device platforms (as you need). In other words, this program is so great that you shouldn't wait for the occasional sale pri...


Tuesday, February 17

Kaspersky uncovers hacker group that infects hard drive firmware

A secretive hacking collective that has been active for almost two decades has allegedly been uncovered by Kaspersky Lab. Dubbed the "Equation Group," because of their use of encryption algorithms and obfuscation methods, the hackers are apparently unique in that they created highly-professional tools and used "classic spying techniques" to retrieve data and affect systems used by high-value targets, such as governme...


Monday, February 16

Editorial: Is the Apple Car a midlife crisis?

If you're expecting a story about Apple taking on Tesla with new cars, sorry about that, no -- we discussed that over the weekend a bit. If you're expecting more news about how Apple's gigantic Scrooge McDuck-level stash of cash is breaking yet more financial records, well, it probably is. What we want to propose, though, is different. We want to argue that Apple having all this money is, in fact, an inspirational th...


MacNN Podcast: Apple Pay, great apps, huge iPhones, Tesla, and more

The MacNN Podcast hits its second episode and engages on a wide variety of topics! Join this week's hosts, MacNN Editor Charles Martin, alongside staff writer Michelle Elbert, reviewer William Gallagher, and news writer Malcolm Owen as they discuss the events that got our attention, needed further discussion, or just plain tickled our fancy....


Friday, February 13

US government adopting Apple Pay through GSA, point of sale locations

At today's Cyber Security conference at California's Stanford University, Apple CEO Tim Cook took the stage. As part of the appearance, the White House and Cook announced that Apple Pay would be enabled for users of federal payment cards, including all benefits that are paid out through debit cards. Additionally, the Apple payment service would be accepted at National parks and similar venues....


Hands On: BrydgeAir Bluetooth keyboard for iPad Air

The market for keyboard accessories for tablets like the iPad is extensive, whether Apple likes it or not. That Apple hasn't released an equivalent accessory to speaks volumes about the typical ergonomics of these kinds of accessories. The best option that we have found to date is to marry an iPad with the Incase Origami and one of Apple's wireless keyboards, although it is not the most integrated solution. Does the...


Apple adds two-step authentication to iMessage, FaceTIme

Almost two years after it first added the option of two-factor verification to its iTunes and iCloud accounts, Apple has activated the extra layer of security for its iMessage and FaceTime services, further protecting users from the possibility of attackers gaining access. The extra step, if enabled, requires verification on another device beyond the usual name and password authentication. ...


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