Wednesday, November 25

Opinion: Things about the iPad Pro that are evading people

It surprises me that a lot of people have been quick to highlight what they think are apparently major shortcomings with the iPad Pro, seemingly writing it off before most of them have even seen one in person. While it may or may not be another hit product from Apple, there are a couple of aspects about it that have been widely misunderstood. One centers around the question of whether or not it is a genuine notebook ...


Monday, November 23

The MacNN Podcast, episode 42: the most beautiful one in our history

Episode 42 is, first and foremost, a gorgeous-sounding episode. It features Mike and Charles, a good connection, and a fair amount to talk about even in a slow news week. As is the norm with these two, they wander around to various topics, but among the things that are for sure discussed in the repairability (or rather, the lack of it) in the Apple Pencil (and whether anyone should care), what's up with MacUpdate.com...


Review: UE Megaboom Bluetooth speaker

Ultimate Ears (now owned by Logitech) has found great success in the marketplace with its "Boom" series of Bluetooth speakers, a modest tube about the size of your typical energy-drink can, that puts out sufficient volume to provide a wireless soundtrack of music for an intimate gathering, or double as an on-the-fly conference call speaker. Sometimes, however, you need to go large, and for that the company offers the...


Saturday, November 21

Hands On: Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock

Although the Apple Watch was launched in April this year, Apple has only now released its own first-party dock for the device without any fanfare. Up to this point, Apple Watch users have been forced to look to third-parties for Apple Watch stands or docks, some of which we have taken a look at. Apple's approach differs from other offerings on the market, while the circular design of the new Apple Watch Magnetic Char...


Friday, November 20

MacUpdate tests changes in face of challenging specialist market

Recent changes in selected downloads at aggregate file site MacUpdate.com have caused some consternation among long-time users, including some optional offers for other programs that appear while users are installing an update. Though the optional installs (including a SearchAssist browser toolbar and alleged "clean-up" program MacBooster) are marked with clear "skip" or "install" buttons, many of MacUpdate's users a...


Analysis: A tale of two companies

Microsoft, always that great predictor of the future, seems to have decided that mobile and desktop devices should, must, and will converge into one Windows-shaped thing at some point in the future. Apple, particularly its CEO Tim Cook, is so far denying any such seismic shift will happen with its mobile and desktop OSes, and all the company is looking for is love for Apple devices. This may seem like one of the bigg...


A Closer Look: Apple's iPad Pro Smart Keyboard

It was inevitable that Apple would make the Smart Keyboard peripheral for an iPad as large as the iPad Pro with its 12.9-inch display. People often forget that Apple released a full-sized keyboard accessory for the original iPad, but it held back on releasing a first-party keyboard cover accessory like those from companies like Logitech because, in portrait mode, the typing experience can be too cramped. With a displ...


Thursday, November 19

One More Thing episode 13: Chew your Food

What Christmas, Black Friday or Thanksgiving presents do you get for your family? We don't care. Partly because William Gallagher and Malcolm Owen are in the UK where for some bizarre reason Thanksgiving isn't a big deal. Also, speaking of big deals, Black Friday has come to Britain but this year one big retailer has said they're not doing it. So it's just Christmas left and frankly we can shop for the family later....


Tuesday, November 17

MacNN: Five reasons to switch to Mac

Yesterday, we covered five reasons why you should switch to Windows, and frankly it didn't take forensic science to see that we were biased toward the Mac. Give us points for finding real reasons, though, and arguing why they are important to some people, but take many of those points away for how we shook our heads a lot. Only, in looking at exactly how biased we were and are, we rather ignored the simple fact that ...


Hands On: Apple Magic Trackpad 2

Apple has eschewed touchscreen-based input on the OS X/Mac experience deliberately, as it does not see that approach as being particularly ergonomic for ongoing interaction with a desktop or notebook. It mastered multi-touch control of a desktop OS on its notebooks with its industry-leading trackpads, and has brought this same experience across to its desktop users variously through its multi-touch capable Magic Mous...


Monday, November 16

MacNN Podcast Episode 41: What? Another 'Man Down' Episode?

If its Monday, that means its time for the MacNN Podcast! Join Mike and William in a two-man-jam, where after a spirited discussion about the possible slipping of attention to detail by programmers in Cupertino, the pair discuss Apple's release of the iPad Pro, iOS Firefox, Tim Cook's recent remarks about the future of Cash, and much more!...


Editorial: Five reasons to move to Windows

There will always be people who have to switch between Macs and PCs, there will will always be people who are tempted by the other side. Tomorrow in a totally unbiased way we'll cover the thousands and thousands of reasons you should move to a Mac but for today here's a grudging five reasons to switch to PCs and Windows. Five good grudging reasons, though, and followed by a single reason why we're staying where we ar...


Apple Support Forums: some iPad Pros crashing when charged to full

Some Uuers of Apple's new iPad Pro are taking to the Apple community support forum to report an anomaly with their devices. A small number of users, after charging their iPads to full, are returning to find an unresponsive device with a black screen. The fix, a hard reset, returns functionality to the iPads affected by the flaw. ...


Thursday, November 12

First Look: Apple iPad Pro

Let us start by saying the availability of a first-party iPad Pro keyboard accessory does not mean that the Apple iPad Pro is a Microsoft Surface rip-off. Secondly, the availability of a stylus accessory for the iPad Pro, called the Apple Pencil, does not mean that the late Steve Jobs was wrong about styluses. There: now that I've gotten that off my chest, let's take a first look at what the iPad Pro really is all ab...


Hands On: Firefox 1.1 (iOS)

Firefox 1.1 is now available for free on iOS and it brings you, er, um, well. Give us a minute. There must be something. Got it. Firefox is -- no, that's not it. Hand on heart, all we can think of is that if you're a fan of Firefox on the Mac, you'll enjoy having something that looks and works like it on your iPhone and iPad -- just don't think that its equivalent to Firefox on the desktop....


Hands On: Apple Music (Android)

It has been quite a few months since Apple Music first launched, and Apple has finally pulled through with its promise to bring the service to Android, following after OS X, iOS, and Windows. While this is Apple's second release on Android, with the initial Move to iOS migration app being a rebrand of an existing tool, this is the first Android app Apple has constructed from scratch for the mobile operating system, a...


One More Thing podcast episode 12: Total, Total Steveness

It's the week of the iPad Pro so of course One More Thing has to look at 1997. There's plenty to say about 2015's iPad Pro but a new story has emerged about what it was like at Apple when Steve Jobs returned. Plus there's the news that an excited Malcolm Owen has been waiting for and William Gallagher hasn't: the release of an Android app for Apple Music....


Wednesday, November 11

Apple Watch Stand Smackdown

At the end of the very first day when you got your Apple Watch, you gently laid it down on its charger and knew you'd knock it flying sooner or later. From that moment on, you were looking for a stand and there has been no lack of companies trying to fulfil your need. Initially there was a marked lack of companies being any good at it but that's changed and now we are replete with superbly designed Apple Watch Stands...


Living With: Apple Keyboards

The results are in. After thirty years of Apple keyboards, we now definitively know exactly when you have to replace them with new ones -- when Apple updates the design. It's only since the latest Magic Keyboard was released –– and since we tried one in an Apple Store –– that our old keyboards have begun to show problems....


New iPad Pro orders, in-store purchase now available

As previously reported, Apple has gone live with orders for the new 12.9-inch iPad Pro, though the company is also showing the device as available in its retail stores starting today. Pre-orders will begin shipping on Friday, November 13 when one-day shipment is selected, however the Apple Pencil drawing stylus and Smart Keyboard peripherals are not yet available either online or in stores, but will be shipping begin...


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