Saturday, October 03

Hands On: Apple iPhone 6s Plus

The 5.5-inch Apple iPhone 6s Plus features a lot of the same upgrades as the 4.7-inch iPhone 6s. Like that model, it is powered by either a Samsung- or TSMC-fabricated custom dual-core A9 processor that puts most quad-core and octa-core chipsets from other companies to shame. It also features the same new 7000 series anodized aluminum unibody construction and the same fundamental design language. However, there are s...


Thursday, October 01

Exclusive: BundleCult, MacSprout, others allegedly scamming developers

Updated with return of MacSprout's from domain suspension Bundles for software distribution have nearly always been a driving force of independent developer's software distribution. It can be even be argued that something like Microsoft Works was a bundle, back in the day. When broadband reached critical mass in the early part of this century, downloadable bundles of software really took off. There have periodically ...


Wednesday, September 30

OS X 10.11 El Capitan released to public

Apple on Wednesday issued the final version of its latest upgrade for OS X, known as 10.11 El Capitan. The new version, named after a precipice in Yosemite National Park, builds upon the foundation laid down by Yosemite in much the same way Snow Leopard was a polishing of the transitional technologies found in Leopard, or Mountain Lion was a refinement of the numerous changes seen in Lion. The upgrade is free for all...


Monday, September 28

Editorial: In defense of the 16GB iPhone 6s

I don't own this place, but I run it. It is literally my job to stay on top of things Apple, and give you the biggest news and trends driving our favorite fruit-themed computer company. I am supposed to know the ins and outs of all of the current and past Apple lineups from high-end to bottom-of-the-barrel, with in-depth assessment of the benefits and compromises of same. Despite all the sturm und drang about Apple p...


The MacNN Podcast, episode 34: a little glimpse into the future

Episode 34 of the MacNN Podcast features both the bigger, broader, weightier discussions you've come to expect from the experienced editorial staff of MacNN, and gushing over comic books. That's how we roll with this week's big and little stories of note, ranging from the future of Apple's A-series line of ARM-based processors (will they someday run proper Macs?) to the crazy "phone wars" that have broken out over tr...


Apple reveals 13 million iPhone 6s, 6s Plus sold in opening weekend

Apple has shed some light on first weekend iPhone sales. Early this morning, the company revealed that it has sold more than 13 million iPhone 6s and 6s Plus phones over the weekend, with Friday and Saturday's sales affecting the company's fourth quarter results. Additionally, Cupertino also announced that the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will be available in more than 40 additional countries beginning October 9 incl...


Friday, September 25

Hands On: Apple iPhone 6s with 3D Touch, A9 SoC

The wait is over, and we finally have our hands on the new iPhone 6s! Although we will follow this piece with others that delve in detail on aspects of the new technology that Apple has packed into this device, we can now report that this is easily the most exciting "s" upgrade yet. While brand new designs from Apple always add to the excitement of an iPhone launch, Apple typically only gives its iPhones an all-new p...


Thursday, September 24

Testing: iTunes 12.3 almost a complete fix for music tag destruction

Even before Jim Dalrymple complained about iTunes tag modification, MacNN was testing corruption and alteration of user music libraries under the iTunes Music library matching service. With another iTunes update comes another round of testing to see if the problem has finally been completely dealt with. After analysis over the last eight days, we're pleased to report that the corruption issues seem to be mostly fix...


Opinion: iPhone 6s A9 SoC can run full OS X -- but do we want it to?

Early benchmarks show that the third-generation, 64-bit ARM-based Apple A9 SoC powering the new iPhone 6s offers performance in line with the x86-based Intel Core M processor used in the 12-inch Retina MacBook. This is not surprising, as the second-gen 64-bit Apple A8X that was the heart of the iPad 2 was not far behind in our GeekBench 3 cross-platform benchmark testing as part of our 12-inch Retina MacBook review ...


Wednesday, September 23

One More Thing podcast episode 5: Apple Space Station

Sources have told MacNN that Apple is going to build a space station. Okay, no sources have told us this other than the voices in our head, but we're thinking to the future! Not to the future of Apple, but to the future of journalists who at some point will do a Google search on the first news of this space station and that's when we win. We're playing the long game....


Mac Game Review: Elite: Dangerous 1.3.08

This is a hands-on review of what I expect I'd be calling, easily, the best game I'd ever played, if only I'd kept my hand in. For I played the original Elite, the really original one, as first appeared on the BBC Micro in 1984. It was a marvel that stretched that 8-bit technology to its core -- yet as good as I got at it, I wasn't bitten by the gaming bug. I can't claim I've never played anything since -- I lost som...


Monday, September 21

Hands On: watchOS 2.0 (Apple Watch)

There is a gigantic temptation, bordering on a compulsion, to say that finally this is what Apple Watch needed. In truth, we were very pleased with what we must now call watchOS 1, and what we didn't like was usually either a small niggle, or just a desire for it to do more of the same, please. Such as run apps natively, rather than have your iPhone run them, and the Watch sort of show you a bit. Or the way we love t...


The MacNN Podcast, episode 33: 'Reviews by Gwar'

This week, the MacNN Podcast takes a good look at some of the burning issues of the past week, including of course the release of iOS 9. We talk both about the entire downloading experience -- one of the smoothest we've seen in a long while -- and our first impressions on some of the new features and optimization of the release. We also talk about two of Apple's biggest court cases, the Move to iOS app on Google Play...


Apple releases watchOS 2 after bugfix delay

On Monday, Apple released the slightly-delayed watchOS 2 for Apple Watch, following the discovery and fixing of a "critical" bug that prevented its release alongside iOS 9 last Wednesday as originally planned. The new upgrade has a new build number to reflect changes made to fix the undisclosed error in the "golden master," and is now available for download through the Apple Watch companion app on iOS devices....


Three months in: the time has come to make a decision on Apple Music

If you signed up for the Apple Music free three month trial at launch, it's nearly time to decide if you want to pay for the service or not. We've had a fair amount of internal discussion about the pros and cons of the service behind the scenes here at MacNN, and we thought we'd share with you how we feel about the service, and why -- and if we're going to renew....


Apple purging XcodeGhost-afflicted apps, Angry Birds 2 among infected

Further research on the XcodeGhost Apple iOS App Store situation has shown that some apps beyond the Chinese market are infected with the limited malware package. According to researchers, 31 apps carrying XcodeGhost have at least some international impact beyond just the Chinese iOS App Store, including popular Rovio title Angry Birds 2. One Chinese research firm believes as many as 344 apps have fallen victim to th...


Friday, September 18

Giveaway: Win an iPhone 6s in your choice of color

Did you tune into Apple's event last week and see the launch of the new iPhones? Did it make you want to upgrade your existing smartphone, but you can't because don't want to pay extra to do it now or you're locked into a contract? If you are the lucky winner of our latest giveaway, you can become the envy of your tech-savvy friends, as you will be getting your own iPhone 6S completely free, courtesy of our own MacNN...


Thursday, September 17

First Look: Apple iPad mini 4

It only got about one minute of air time during Apple's action-packed "Hey Siri" event, but the new iPad mini 4 remains an important part of Apple's iPad line up. Its last iteration, the iPad mini 3 did not get much love from Apple, only picking up Touch ID and a new gold color option at the time, as the company chose to focus on its larger iPad 2 redesign. For iPad mini fans, the iPad mini 4 brings a smorgasbord of ...


Editorial: Apple and Google's app stores, and the user-review quagmire

Yesterday afternoon, Apple released its app on Google Play allowing users of Android devices to "easily" shift over to an iOS device. As expected, the app has been battered with one-star reviews by ever-classy Android fans, trotting out the same old tired missives about iSheep, walled gardens, and expensive hardware. Does the app work? Can't tell by the reviews -- and that's a problem, not only with Google Play, but ...


Wednesday, September 16

Apple releases iOS 9 to public, servers under load

Apple has thrown the switch on iOS 9, making it available for all users. The upgrade, weighing in at 1.3 GB, has improvements in four core areas: Intelligence, Apps, iPad, and Foundation. New additions include improvements to Siri, search, multitasking, Apple Pay, and other areas, as detailed in our exclusive Hands On....


Hands On: iOS 9

Should you wait a day or two before you upgrade to iOS 9? We advise it, but only because that's sensible whenever something big rolls out to so many people at once. Sometimes, it's hard to wait for the greatest from Cupertino, and that's partly why your first reaction to iOS 9 is going to be quizzical. You'll go through what is hopefully a quick upgrade process and, picking up the iPhone or iPad, may even turn it aro...


One More Thing podcast episode 4: How do you pronounce that?

MacNN's other podcast continues with the return of Malcolm Owen. He's the one who knows things while William Gallagher just pretends he does. This week they are knowing and pretending to know about iOS 9 and the various ways of mispronouncing technology terms....


The Big Deal: MacNN Deals offers 15 Mac apps for $30

Occasionally, MacNN finds a deal that is too big or important to go inside the usual Daily Deals or MacNN Deals posts, so we highlight it separately. The Big Deal this time is actually from our own MacNN Deals store, and is a collection of 15 extremely useful apps collected together and steeply discounted in the Mega Mac 2015 Bundle. ...


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