Thursday, September 03

Good Apples: Cupertino's failures that weren't

Microsoft gets a lot of attention, praise and applause when it pre-announces products it's going to release one day and that somehow represent a golden future of the technology industry. Apple goes the other way and gets the opposite reaction: it prefers to announce products that actually are the future of the industry but you can buy them now. Maybe it's just that they casually drop in the words "available today" a ...


Living With: Apple's iPhone 5c in white

I did the original review here of the iPhone 5c -- it was an upgrade for me from the iPhone 4, a game changer in its own regard. Our review was one of very few positive ones, and I'm not entirely sure why. Maybe reviewers compared it to the significantly more expensive (without contract) 5s, which released at the same time, and maybe not. But, other than the original "game changing" original iPhone that gave us the f...


Wednesday, September 02

Hands On: Griffin Powermate Bluetooth

Look away. Look away. You don't need this, you really do not -- but you're going to want it. Here's how smitten we are with the Griffin Powermate Bluetooth: it's on our desk, it's connected to our Mac and we're using it constantly yet we still lust after it as if it were something Apple had just announced. That's a bit of a turnaround given that when we picked it up we expected it to be spectacularly pointless. It's ...


One More Thing podcast episode 2: Downton Apple

All the news that's fit to say plus a lot that really isn't because it's just speculation. We'd say this has been the worst week for people guessing what Apple is up to and Apple dropping hints about what it isn't doing yet, except that most weeks are the worst week for that. In this second edition of the Other MacNN Podcast, One More Thing, William Gallagher and Malcolm Owen join some dots, right some wrongs and gen...


Intel details entire range of sixth-generation Skylake processors

Intel has finally confirmed its entire lineup of Skylake processors, produced using a 14nm process, at its IFA keynote address in Germany this morning. The sixth generation of Intel Core processors detailed today consists of 48 new processors, including 20 destined for use in desktop systems and servers and 26 designed for notebooks and tablets, one of which is an unlocked mobile processor meant for enthusiast notebo...


Tuesday, September 01

Tales of the Genius Bar: 12-inch MacBook display etching issue

Every now and then, even we have to make a trip to the Apple Genius Bar. For those new to the Apple family, the Genius Bar is embedded deep in an Apple retail store, and its the prime destination for Apple tech support for consumers, regardless if hardware or software related. As my 12-inch MacBook is covered under warranty, I recently took it in for inspection at the Genius Bar for an issue where it appears that the...


Monday, August 31

Review: Blue Yeti Studio recording microphone and software

Despite being very familiar with Blue Microphones' lower-end products -- we've long recommended the company's Snowball line of mics for beginning podcasters or vocalists, and we were very impressed with Blue's Mo-Fi headphones -- we wanted to thoroughly test each component of the Blue Yeti Studio, which features a Yeti-class desk microphone bundled with software to enhance different types of recordings. It's a slight...


The MacNN Podcast, episode 30: 'Free (as in) beer'

Driving across 770 miles of breathtaking Canadian landscape, Editor Charles returns from the Edmonton Fringe Festival with accolades and a shiny new Apple Watch for his trouble, just in time to bring you the big 3-0 episode of the MacNN Podcast, along with Managing Editor Mike, writer William Gallagher, and special guest Matt Boyd of the excellent webcomic Three Panel Soul....


Google brings Android Wear to iOS, LG Watch Urbane supported

Google is expanding the reach of Android Wear from Android smartphones, by allowing some owners of its smartwatches to connect to iOS devices, confirming earlier rumors. Rolling out today, Android Wear for iOS will allow the LG Watch Urbane to pair with an iPhone 5 or newer running iOS 8.2 or later, though it appears the majority of Android Wear users won't be able to connect their older smartwatches to iOS at all. ...


Hands On: Sixth-gen iPod touch with Apple A8 SoC

Once the darling of the Apple product range, the Apple iPod touch has become a sideshow in Apple's product range. Despite this, Apple recently gave its iPod range a small refresh, which included new color options -- but the iPod touch did also get a substantial spec bump up to the Apple's 64-bit A8 processor that powers the iPhone 6. While the upgrade will go unnoticed by most, both Nintendo and Sony will not have mi...


Friday, August 28

Rumor Roundup: the September 9 event gossip scorecard

So now that it is finally confirmed that Apple has chosen September 9 for its big event, and a different venue than usual to accommodate more press and that requires some street closures for a likely outdoor component (which hints strongly that something unexpected is up), the rumors are again flying about what we should expect to see at the event. Let's have a look at what's being whispered about, and a (speculative...


Thursday, August 27

Apple media event scheduled for September 9 in San Francisco

Apple has officially invited media to its September 9 event at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco. The heading for the event is "Hey Siri, give us a hint," referencing Apple's voice recognition and interpretation technology that may extend itself past the iPhone and iPad at the event in either OS X or other hardware....


Wednesday, August 26

Hands On: Leef iBridge for iPhone, iPad

The Leef iBridge is the answer to a couple of our recent prayers. It is an elegant, MFI certified, USB and Lightning drive solution for Lightning port equipped iPhones and iPads that allows users to transfer data directly between a Mac or PC via USB drive to their compatible iOS device. It supports unprotected video and music files in the full range of formats supported by Apple on these devices (including ALAC) as w...


MacNN One More Thing Podcast episode 1: Formerly Known As...

Bless Swatch for giving us the idea for the title and bless Apple for creating enough news that we need a second podcast. MacNN: One More thing is your midweek podcast with William Gallagher and Malcolm Owen, let loose from Monday's main show and allowed to talk in their natural British accents all they like....


Living With: freelance writing and Apple Music

This is my 20th year of freelancing, I think. Could be 21st. Maybe 22nd. It's funny how leaving regular employment was a mountain when it was ahead of me, but not even a hill in retrospect. Whenever I did it, though, I've now had at least two decades of working from home, plus very often fitting in with many different offices. A week-long project in a book publisher's building, one day a week at a magazine's office, ...


Swatch: 'one more thing' trademark inspired by '70s TV show 'Columbo'

Responding to recent coverage of Swatch's "one more thing" trademark, the company has refused claims that it has anything to do with Apple, and claims inspiration from classic television show Columbo. In an interview, a company spokesperson denied any such move by the watch manufacturer and said that regarding the phrase "obviously our design team plans to launch a collection inspired by the 'Film Noir'."...


Tuesday, August 25

Apple's Logic Pro jumps to 10.2, includes Alchemy soft synth

On Tuesday, Apple issued a major update of its pro audio software Logic Pro X, now incorporating the Alchemy soft synthesizer from its takeover of Camel Audio and adding new loops, filters, presets, modulation sources, and ways to more easily find and control them. Alchemy and some of the other improvements added to Logic Pro X have also been incorporated into MainStage, now at version 3.2 with the Alchemy synth in i...


Pointers: Getting Things Done with Apple Gear -- part 3, Doing Stuff

Previously... David Allen's Getting Things Done is a superb methodology for doing things, getting through your work and not going home at the end of the day defeated by your To Do list. It's so effective that GTD has become a cult –– but its creator is a corporate kind of guy and he prefers paper. We're less corporate and far more technology-addicted. So this week-long series is about what Getting Things Done rea...


Monday, August 24

MacNN Podcast episode 29: Having Fun Without Us

Two man show! While the rest of the gang is off having a life, Mike and Jordan hit the microphones for this week's lean-and-mean episode. Up this week -- iPad Pro rumors, why we cover some of the rumors (but not all), Bungie's Destiny changes, and so much more!...


Closer Look: Apple Watch with Link Bracelets

As the Apple Watch global rollout continues, it has become clear that it is the single most successful smartwatch released to date. Although Apple hasn't broken out the exact sales figures, it is estimates that Apple has sold upwards of four million Apple Watches and counting. Two of the most appealing models within the range of ordinary buyers are the steel Apple Watch models with matching Link Bracelets. We take a...


Apple CEO Tim Cook speaks on Good Morning America, praises ConnectED

Apple CEO Tim Cook appeared in a pre-recorded segment on Good Morning America today, highlighting Apple's participation in the US ConnectED program, rather than launching a new program as many media outlets reported. The Cupertino executive spoke about the digital divide, and answered questions about diversity in the technology sector with host Robin Roberts....


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